Berean Homeschool Group Activities

Academic Bees

Spelling Bee

January 16, 2018

Jr. Spelling Bee: 1st–3rd grade
Scripps Bee: 4th–8th grade

The National Spelling Bee first started in 1925 when nine newspapers joined together to host a spelling bee. Little did they know that 90 years later their literacy effort would reach 11 million students every year. The purpose of the spelling bee is to help students improve their spelling, increase vocabularies, learn concepts and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives.

Students who preregister for either bee receive participation certificates. BHG recognizes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place winners in each bee. The Champion of our Scripps Bee automatically advances to the District Spelling Bee, with a chance of advancing to the GA State Bee and the National Bee.

Scripps follows standard bee format—students take turns in a predetermined order receiving and spelling words. Most rounds are single-elimination.

Gwinnett County Homeschool Spelling Bees are both open to all qualifying home educated students who are residents of Gwinnett County.

Contact Robin Foster at for details.

National Geographic Bee

January 11, 2018

Gwinnett County Homeschool Geo Bee: 4th–8th grade

The National Geographic Bee is an annual competition organized by the National Geographic Society, designed to inspire and reward students’ curiosity about the world.

The Gwinnett County Homeschool Geo Bee is open to all GA home educated students who do not live in a county hosting a separate bee. (Most years, only a few counties host a homeschool bee.)

Students who preregister receive a participation certificate. BHG recognizes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place winners. The Champion takes an online qualifying test for the GA State Geo Bee. Over 200 GA school champions take this test and only the top 100 scorers are invited to the State Bee.

Geo Bee is double-elimination in most rounds. Questions in many rounds are multiple-choice, while some rounds are short answer. At least one round includes a written response, with all competitors answering the same question.

BHG is offering a free study session on October 17, 2017. Students do not need to be registered to attend the study session.  You can click HERE to access the study tools available at the National Geo Bee website.

Contact Diana Smith @ for details.

National History Bee

November 7, 2017

Gwinnett County Homeschool History Bee: 1st–8th grade

The National History Bee is an exciting academic competition centered on the study of history! Students compete in three stages that start in the classroom and end at the National Finals. All questions and content relate to middle school-level social studies. The National History Bee and Bowl program is owned by NHBB, LLC, and its middle school grade divisions are operated and coordinated by ACE.

Students who preregister receive a participation certificate. BHG recognizes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place winners. The ten finalists take the online qualifying test for attending the North Atlanta Regional Bee, held between February and May. The Regional Bee has three divisions: Elementary (1st–6th,) 7th grade, and 8th grade. NHB invites a minimum of eight students from each division to attend the National History Fair held in June. The two previous National History Fairs were held in Chicago (2016) and Atlanta (2017.) The next may be in Washington, D.C.

*If we had enough participation, we could have a separate “Jr.” Bee for elementary students. We can allow more than ten students to advance to regionals if we pay more than one registration fee.

Unlike Scripps and National Geographic, National History Bee uses a buzzer system for both the Regional and National Bees, rather than having students take turns. Our local bee does not have buzzers.

BHG offers a free study session several weeks before the History Bee. Students do not need to be registered to attend the study session. This will be on October 17, 2017.

The Gwinnett County Homeschool History Bee is open to all home educated students who are zoned for the Atlanta North Regional Bee (determined by zip code.)

Contact Diana Smith @ for details.

Park days
Come join us for park days!  We meet at various parks once a month. Sometimes it is a planned activity, such as water wars, volleyball, or flag tag, and other times we just let the kids play. It’s a great time of fun for the kids and fellowship for the moms!
Field Trips

BHG offers organized as well as information on “go-on-your-own” field trips to our BHG members.  Our organized field trips which we do about once a month have included a trip to the Holocaust Museum, Operation Christmas Child, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra “Symphony Street”, a chocolate factory tour, a hike up Stone Mountain, Atlanta History Center, WSB TV Tour, Wrens Nest, National Weather Service, and Chick-fil-a corporate headquarters.

Code of Conduct for BHG Field Trips (taken from the BHG by-laws)

When BHG offers a field trip, all participants will dress modestly and appropriately for the activity.  Chaperones must also make personal arrangements for childcare and take responsibility for the children in their care.  No running inside buildings, parking lots, climbing on furniture or banisters permitted.  No name-calling or rude behavior will be tolerated.  Music and movies should not be topics of conversation.  If a child’s behavior is disruptive, BHG/BHA reserves the right to prohibit that child from participating in BHG/BHA activities for a period of six months.

Moms Meetings

Most months we have special meetings for moms. Past years have included the following:

  • Encouragement and Information with guest speaker Ruth Martin
  • Craft nights
  • Organizational ideas
  • Health and Exercise sessions
  • Dinner out
  • Annual Curriculum Share
 Come join us for a fun time of learning and fellowship!
Family Activities

Each year we have a fall family picnic and bonfire. This is a great way to kick off our school year together. We have a great time of food, fun, and fellowship!

This year we will be having our 2nd Annual End of Year Showcase. This is a chance for the kids to share something they have learned/accomplished throughout the school year as well as a chance for the parents to recognize their children’s achievements.

Standardized Testing
In April we offer the Iowa standardized test to our members for a minimal fee. If you have any questions, please contact Julie Hull at