In 1990, Dr. Danny Sweatt received a phone call from Dr. Otis Holmes of the Gospel Fellowship Association asking him if he would consider planting a new church. His response was, “never in my wildest dreams!” From that early conversation, a visit led to a small group of people interested in starting a church in Lilburn, Georgia. It was quickly apparent that God did indeed want a new work started, and the new congregation called Pastor Sweatt to be their Pastor. From those humble beginnings, Berean Baptist Church was incorporated several months later in October of 1990 with approximately 45 members. The infant church occupied two facilities prior to the completion of its new facility in November of 1991. It now resides on nine acres of property at 1405 Hewatt Road in Lilburn, Georgia.

March of 1999 was time to expand once again, as the Lord continued to prosper this new congregation. A new building totaling 32,000 sq. ft., and seating for approximately 450 downstairs, was completed. The balcony in the new auditorium was completed, seating an additional 170, and several large classrooms and a new youth area were completed. This renovation was accomplished with no additional borrowing.

December of 2016 became another milestone when Pastor Sweatt announced his upcoming retirement after several months of preparation and guidance given to the deacons. A pastor search committee came together and began their earnest search in January of 2017. In July of 2017, Todd Sivnksty was presented as the candidate for Berean’s next senior pastor, after receiving unanimous and enthusiastic support from both the pastor search committee and the full board of deacons. In August of 2017, Pastor Todd Sivnksty’s selection was approved with a church-wide vote exceeding 99%.

Pastor Todd officially began serving as Senior Pastor on November 1, 2017 — as Pastor Sweatt officially began his retirement. Pastor Todd continues and expands the ministry of Berean Baptist Church as a reflection of Christ’s light to our region and the world.

Gwinnett County is growing at a rapid pace, and families need to be reached with the gospel. With much to do and many people to reach, we work with God’s guidance and in anticipation of His blessing.