Schedule & Calendar 2015-2016

The Academy operates during the standard school year and incorporates 35 weekly lessons. The first semester schedule will begin August 18 and will end December 20. The second semester schedule begins January 5 and ends May 19. There are four holiday weeks during the year in which no lessons will be given (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Spring Break).

Most months have four (4) lessons, but some months will have five (5) while others will have only three (3). Tuition is based on the average for the nine month schedule; therefore, the cost will be the same for each month no matter how many weeks are in the month.

August 17 - BBMA Begins

September 7 - Labor Day - No Lessons

October 17 - BBMA Workshop    9:45 AM

November 2-5  High School Festival at BJU


December 6 - Christmas Recital  2:00 PM

December 21 - January 8 - CHRISTMAS BREAK

January 11 - BBMA Lessons Resume

March 10-11 - GACS State Competition

March 29,31 -  BBMA Spring Recitals

April 4-8 -  SPRING BREAK

April 11 - BBMA Lessons Resume

April 12-14  AACS National Competition

April 29 - GACS Elementary Competition

May 23  - Labor Day Make-up Lessons

May 24  - Semester Ends

April 6-10 -  SPRING BREAK

April 14-16 - AACS National Competition

April 24 - GACS Elementary Fine Arts Festival


*A small fee will be charged for seminars. We encourage all students to attend. Community guests are welcome.

Note: Spring Guild dates will be announced when they are scheduled.

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